Child Centred Play Therapy

Leigh is a counsellor who specialises in Child Centred Play Therapy



“Birds fly, Fish Swim and Children Play”   

 Garry L . Landreth 

Play Therapy is a wonderful way for children to work on their inner and outer conflicts.  It is respectful and supportive of the age and stage of the child because they set the pace and decide on what they need to process. 

Sometimes children are not able to explain why they are angry, upset or frustrated and this can effect them in many ways such as withdrawing, internalising hurt emotions, or it can come out in behaviour.  

During the CCPT process children firstly learn how to lead their play process and as the child begins to feel comfortable within this role they learn to communicate their thoughts and feelings through a safe and age appropriate way.

  CCPT has been researched and proven highly effective in multiple childhood issues or disorders and it is a natural way for children to process emotionally what they need to and in a developmentally appropriate way. 

The Process

Our first step is to meet with parents/caregivers to discuss what your concerns maybe.  We then fill in questionnaires to gain a better understanding and highlight areas the child maybe struggling with behaviourally and/or emotionally.  Sometimes it may be necessary to get extra input from teachers or the school.

If it is decided that this is an appropriate model for your child to attend we then look to introduce your child into the playroom, where Leigh explains what play therapy is and how it works.   Children receive information about play therapy and have a opportunity to ask any questions.

Throughout the process Leigh often meets with parents/caregivers in separate sessions to support and guide them with the childs process. 


CCPT Supports children who may experience

  • Excessive anger, fear, sadness, worry and shyness
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Grief and Loss
  • Parental seperation
  • Family dynamics
  • Aggression and acting out behaviours
  • School difficulties (Bullying, impact of learning issues etc)
  • Social adjustment issues
  • Self concept and self esteem
  • Chronic illness/hospitalisation/surgery
  • Physical symptoms without any medical cause
  • Bonding and Attachment
  • Foster, adoption and identity issues

Research suggests that Child Centred Play Theapy is an effective mental health approach regardless of age, gender or the nature of the problem and works best when the important people in the childs life such as parents/caregivers, family and schools are supportive and involved in the process.

Sessions are normally 40 minutes and are weekly over a period of 12-16+ sessions.  Costs per session are $90.

*Funding options may apply for eligible familes


Resources and research

Child Centered Play Therapy Research: The Evidence Base for Effective Practice by Jennifer N.Baggerly (Author, Editor), Dee C. Ray (Author, Editor), Sue C. Bratton (Author, Editor).