Counselling Services 

 Leigh is a registered counsellor and provides counselling to Adults and Children.


Adult Counselling

Discover Therapy is a private counselling service and provides a discreet counselling service.

Leigh uses a variety of techniques to help support her clients work such as talk therapy, relaxation techniques and creative therapies.

With varied training and experiences Leigh is able to provide her clients with up to date techniques and processes.

Leigh works with clients in a person centred approach with psychodynamic elements to the therapy.

It is a safe, professional and registered counselling practice with Leigh being a provisional member of NZAC.



Child Centred Play Therapy – (CCPT)

Leigh is trained in child centred play therapy (CCPT).  This two year training was in-depth, new and exciting.  Although new to New Zealand, CCPT has been around since the 1930′s and is used extensively overseas, often the preferred way of counselling with children.

 CCPT is a natural way for children to  process what is going on in their world as it is done through the  medium of play.  CCPT focuses on  building a trusting relationship through play which leads to understanding and emotional awareness over issues they may be facing.   

It is an exciting and effective counselling process for children as it is predominantly child lead.   The process is so natural for the child that they often work in an unconscious way, playing through their difficulties or issues.  This allows the therapist to connect without disrupting the purity of the process of the child’s inner work.

  CCPT research has demonstrated effectiveness across a wide range of children’s mental health and behavioural problems, from developing self-efficacy to recovering from trauma and major clinical concerns.

Leigh also ensures that the family, mostly the parents or caregivers are involved with regular meetings.  This allows the child’s work to be supported at home and the parents to understand the process the child is going through. 

Leigh often adapts the process to fit the child and sometimes parents maybe required to join the sessions if this is a requirement for the childs work. 

Leigh can also work together with teachers and schools to ensure there is a wrap-around service for the child and the family.


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