Counselling Services

Child Centred Play Therapy

Child Centred Play Therapy is a child led counselling method for 3-12 year olds.  It supports children with communicating their inner experiences through the use of toys and play in a natural and developmentally appropriate way.

Why Play?

Play is our first language and just as adults use words to communicate, children naturally use play.  Play is central to human growth, development, learning and cultivating relationships.  It is the natural way that children understand their world, express thoughts and feelings, develop social skills and learn self-mastery.

Why Play Therapy?

Child Centred Play Therapy is a powerful tool for addressing cognitive, behavioural and social/emotional challenges.  Child led play also allows children to better process their experiences and develop more effective strategies for managing their words. 

In a Child Centred Play Therapy process children are free to communiate through play, at their own level and pace.  This allows the therapy to feel very natural, safe and empowering.


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